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Booking Holdings buys Hotels Combined is Booking Holdings’ favored child, but with the addition of Hotels Combined, it is apparent that the parent company still sees plenty of opportunity for its Kayak unit in meta search worldwide. Buying UK-headquartered Momondo Group in 2017 for $550 million wasn’t enough for Booking Holdings as it announced Monday that it is acquiringRead More

Why Hotels Fail in their Distribution

  For starters, almost all hotels are ‘enamoured’ by the volume of business generated by online third parties…to a point that their business would nearly die if this were to go away. So when one operates with the feeling like your life depends on something, you naturally hold onto it with dear life. So who are theseRead More

Book on Google (4 of 4): How it resembles yet differs from TripAdvisor Instant Booking

This past year, Google and TripAdvisor revolutionised the travel industry by launching Book on Google and Instant Booking respectively. Comparing one with the other will help us understand them both. Find the comparative analysis below. Where is the booking made? Inside TripAdvisor and Google respectively, without leaving their website or app. What is their objective?Read More